Harrison Dark Carbon Power Specialist 1.75tc

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Harrison Dark Carbon Power Specialist 12' 1.75tc

Smoke black blank / Black whippings with a pewter tip highlight / Full cork handle / Fuji FK7 soft touch reelseat / Black SiC 20mm ring set.

The Dark Carbon Power Specialist is built to do all the standard Barbel fishing work on the rivers and pushing out feeders for Tench and bream on the still waters. It has a medium action that is great for bite detection and plenty of power in the battle.
This rod feel lovely with 1.5oz on the tip but will cope with far heavier feeder etc.

Working closely with Dr Steve Harrison we developed the Dark Carbon Range of blanks. I wanted my own range of very high quality rods that I build to my design and keep in stock ready to go. This is great  for anyone who wants and very high quality rod made with all the love and attention normally associated with a custom build but doesn't want to wait weeks for delivery.
A Dark Carbon rods is less expensive than an equivalent spec custom made model, not due to it being a lesser quality rod, because it isn't, but because dealing with a custom order and all the management of the component supply chain associated with that take a good deal of time. This cost isn't applicable to a Dark Carbon rod so this cost saving is passed straight on to you, fact. Another big cost saving factor is the removal of the fancy very expensive "checker board" weave pattern carbons and replacing it with a plain carbon of the same engineering properties. As the blanks are coated Stealth matt black the fancy weave would be covered up so there is no point in paying for it. Another big saving.
So, no fancy weave and vastly reduced admin time results in the Dark Carbon rods being just as high quality as one of my customs but with a considerable cost reduction.

Hi Mark 

Thought you would like to know I have just returned from five days fishing on the wye ,using the Dark Carbon Power Specialist 1.75 lb, and am pleased to say it landed 21 barbel up to 9lbs  and 4 chubb. The action was just superb, I could see how your choice of ring spacing followed the blank and the power moves down into butt when needed. At no time did i feel under gunned nor did the rod feel stiff even when playing chubb, great to use a hand built rod from a craftsman who really knows his trade and built on a British blank, a great combination. I would recommend your rod to any one looking for a great barbel rod and I am sure it will give me many years of use. Thanks again.

Regards Laurence

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