Barbel Trotters ( Singles in Honey )

Barbel Trotters ( Singles in Honey )
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Barbel Trotters ( Singles in Honey )

These IN-LINE Barbel Trotters are made to be fished with.
Run the line through the float fixed between 2 float stops.

The balsa body is stained honey colour, and finished with a yellow shoulder and fluro orange sight tip that can be seen a long way away.
The High modulus hollow carbon stem runs the full length of the float making it very strong. Detailed with mocha brown and black line bands.
Signed then varnished to a full finish.

Approximately 5 1/4" long and takes 3g minimum as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Perfect for small baits and a light approach. 

Approximately 6 1/2" long and takes 5g minimum as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Great if you want to use a bigger baits and where greater control is needed.

Approximately 7 1/2" long and takes 8g minimum as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Great where maximum control is needed.

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