Bobbers ( set of 3 Yellow tip Red body )

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Bobbers. A set of 3. Small, medium and large

Hand made by myself applying the best construction techniques taught to me by my good mate and master float maker Andy Field.
These Bobbers are made to be fished with.
The balsa body is stained red to the shoulder and finished with fluro yellow shoulder and sight tip, and the cane stem is stained green. Tipped with black line bands and signed then varnished to a full finish.
A labour of love.

Small is approximately 95mm long and takes about 2g as a bulk loading and a bit extra dropper shots.
Perfect for small baits and a light approach. Minnow bait works wonders with this small Bobber as does a little worm.

Medium is approximately 115mm long and takes about 4g as a bulk loading and a bit extra dropper shots.
Great when using bigger baits such as small silvers.

Large is approximately 130mm long and takes a least 6g as a bulk loading.
The biggest of Perch Bobbers. Big enough for the odd Pike bait as well.
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