Carp Rods

Components for the FULL Custom Rod Option below

All blanks are Ultra Matte, no varnish to scratch.
Whippings are black, and the colour tipping options
around the writing area are below.

NCP blue / Metallic Blue / NCP Red / Metallic red
Metallic gold / Metallic silver / NCP white / Metallic green
Metallic fusia / Metallic purple / Metallic copper / Metallic bronze / Metallic pewter

Writing and rod numbering

Done in white ink, all rod details are written on the underside and any personnel details such as your name, initials etc are written on top. Rod numbering can be in numbers, dots, or roman numerals on tips and butts or just butts, again on the underside.

Ring Options

Atlas Deep Draw SiC
VERY HIGH QUALITY lightweight SiC Deep Draw ( cupped frame around the ceramic ) rings that are strong, reliable and look great
Only available in the Advanced pattern is 2 double leg and 3 single leg rings ( 4 single leg rings on 30mm or less patterns ). This keeps the strength and lightness where needed.

Kigan 3d lightweight SiC
High quality lightweight SiC rings that are strong, reliable and look great.

Available in double legs, or the advanced pattern which I strongly advise having.
Advanced pattern is 2 double leg and 3 single leg rings ( 4 single leg rings on 30mm or less patterns ). This keeps the strength and lightness where needed.

Vortex Air
American Tackle Super lightweight quality rings with ceramic lined tip ring. Very "Carpy"

Ti Forged Air
American Tackle Super lightweight quality rings with ceramic lined tip ring. Very "Carpy"

Minima4 ( top )
Minima3 ( bottom )
Super lightweight quality rings that are strong and don't have a ceramic that can break, just a super hard coated metal insert. Titanium on the Minima4 and Chrome on the Minima3. Nice.
Popular with the American tournament casting scene due to their light weight, and not having a breakable ceramic being a big advantage.

Available in double legs, or the advanced pattern which I strongly advise having.
Advanced pattern is 2 double leg and 3 single leg rings
( 4 single leg rings on 30mm or less patterns ). This keeps the strength and lightness where needed.

Reel Seat Options

Alps ARD Gloss black

Alps ARD Mat black

Alps ARD Mat Gunsmoke

Alps ARD Bright

Black colour ( top )
CC colour  ( middle )
BC colour ( bottom )

DPS carbon 1k, Black hoods

DPS carbon 1k, silver hoods


Handle Options
with stainless steel or black Delrin collars and end caps

( Cork outer diameter is approximately a slim 24mm )
( EVA outer diameter is approximately a slim 23mm )
( Japanese shrink tube adds approximately 1.5mm to the blank diameter )

Full Cork Flare

Full EVA Flare

Full EVA Round Nose

Full Japanese Shrink Tube ( 2'' front extension )

Abbreviated -  Naked and parrallel shrink tube

Abbreviated -  Naked and shrink tube internal swell

Abbreviated -  Naked and shrink tube with EVA

Abbreviated -  Naked and EVA ( old school )

Abbreviated -  Mini and parrallel shrink tube

Abbreviated -  Mini and shrink tube internal swell

Abbreviated -  Mini and shrink tube with EVA

Abbreviated -  Mini and EVA ( old school )

Free Spirit Hi-'S' rods
Utilising ultra high quality Japanese Low Resin 40t Carbon and with an attractive 1k weave these rods have been incredibly popular since their release despite Free Spirit never advertising them. Significantly reducing the resin content makes these blanks slimmer, lighter yet more powerful than those made out of conventional carbon aiding poor casters and capable casters alike.
The very Low Resin content radically reduces the softening process keeping the rods in test for much longer and combined with the 'Perdurable' blank finish they will look good and perform well for many years. Since the tips are very slim the action of these rods are semi-fast with stiffer mid and butt sections.
There is virtually no tip bounce following casting to minimize friction for longer distances. The material combined with the use of our Clone Seat also helps transmit more feel through the blank to aid leading about to find features.
Free Spirit set out (some would say foolishly) to produce a rod capable of casting in excess of 200 yards with a baited rig but that had the taper, look and feel of a normal carp rod. The result after considerable testing is the Hi-'S' 200.
When Mark Hutchinson joined the Free Spirit team he came with a reputation of destroying all the carp rods he used – even boasting he could break through the excesses of casting any rod you put in front of him. Even though he has tried repeatedly he has yet to break the 200's. Built from the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the other Hi-'S' blanks these rods have a crisp, smooth action with no 'snatch' and are still light and slim with a very fast recovery to eliminate tip bounce that cuts down distance.
With the benefit of a comparatively soft tip they are still capable of playing fish with a little care. In the right hands a very formidable specialist tool when the ultimate distance is essential.
Since the Hi-'S' 200 has been designed as an ultimate casting tool it can be difficult to load by less than the biggest of casters. Free Spirit recommend the 200's to those that can achieve extreme distances and where casting these is of paramount importance.
Free Spirit recognized the need to bridge the gap between the Hi-'S' 200's and the Hi-'S' 3 ½ lbers with a rod capable of close to 200 performance for the big caster but with easier compression so that the less capable caster would actually cast further. The Hi-'S'ive meets this criteria perfectly. The blank is still powerful in the butt to middle section but the tip has been softened to make loading easier and gives a softer tip with more cushioning effect for fish playing. Due to it's more lively tip this rod can be loaded with smaller leads down to 3oz but still take leads of 5oz and also makes it very suitable for long range PVA bag work, method feeders and mag-aligners.
Since its launch these have proved very popular and is the favourite rod of most of the Free Spirit consultants.
Words by Free Spirit

Free Spirit 'S' rods

Arguably already classic rods this range originally started with the E.S. and X.S. Unlike many companies Free Spirit take great pains to create the best possible rods before launching them so they don't need to keep changing models unless something significantly better in material is developed.
These rods have such a following and reputation that Free Spirit could not contemplate changing this series.
The blanks are slim and light with semi-progressive curves that suit anglers liking a rod with more feel for fish playing. The exceptions are the X.S.’ive and X.S.R. that have been designed with distance in mind, although these are also more parabolic than the Hi-'S' range.
All the 'S' range are built on 36t Low Resin Carbon blanks with an attractive 3k weave and 'Perdurable' finish drastically reducing the softening process of the blank. Free Spirit have added significantly to the range to cater for all requirements from small waters to extreme range.
Words by Free Spirit

Harrison Acurix
Not all carp fishing is at long range, and yet distance is the first thing we often talk about when comparing rods. Acurix is a new range of Carp rods that is aimed squarely at medium range fishing, but it is anything but middle of the road.
We set out to produce a well balanced ultra slim C-scrim rod that tests the latest technology but encapsulates an age old tradition of catching fish. Acurix is about fishing pleasure. It is about balanced tackle.
The first thing you will notice is the blank diameter. This rod is slim. For example the diameter at the butt is only 14mm at the widest point. We have achieved this in our own unique way without the simplistic approach of utilising ultra high modulus fibre which can create a dead feeling rod. No, this rod is crisp and alive.
The next thing you will notice is that the 1k carbon fabric you can see on the butt section is subtly different to that which we use on Torrix with a slightly finer weave. Inside the blank is a blend of high and intermediate modulus UD carbon, ultra light C-scrim and epoxy matrix. The aim is to produce a rod that builds on the success of the Torrix but in the lower test curves.
Words by Dr Steve Harrison

Harrison Aviator Plus and Aviator Flex

Words below by Terry Edmonds (Long Range Angler) 25th April 2014 on facebook.
"Spent the day at the field taken casting tuitions, which gave me the ideal chance to try the new Harrison Aviator. The rod itself is designed to be an easy to cast multi range rod aimed towards enjoying the fish playing experience. 
During the day I cast 3ounce and 4 ounce leads over 190 yards with it with the big casts the butt was really bending but still the recovery was very quick. Easy to cast is the word and it wont take to much to load the rod to get a decent distance, i think it will be awesome with level line casting (where shockleaders are not allowed) as the forgiving nature of the blank will absorb any shocks in the cast. 
Three people have used the rod today and all easily compressed the rod. Another aspect of this rod is i believe its the first Harrison rod taking the 1k weave to the tip, which i know some people will like.
Light, thin, fast recovering multi range rod, will be using it all weekend so will understand the rod much better."

Words below by Dr Steve Harrison  25th April 2014 on facebook.
Aviator Plus - Aviator Flex
Two new carp rods and blanks from Harrisons.
"How could we improve on Torrix? It is almost impossible, but we could give more choice. If the Torrix 12’ 3 ¼ is the “Go to” rod in our carp range, we decided to focus our attention on the customers who wanted something different. Maybe a just little more casting power, maybe just a little more playing action, maybe a slimmer blank or maybe carbon weave to the tip. We ended up with two rods – the Aviator range. On the journey we introduced a few subtle changes in the way we make our blanks, changes that have come from our work on thin ply construction using the best lightweight carbon prepreg . These two new rods extend the choice we offer in response to our customer feedback. For most of you, Torrix 12 3 1/4 will remain the rod of choice, but if you want either a little more power or a little more action, then one of the Aviators will appeal to you."
12’ 3lb 6oz Aviator Plus for 3 ½ to 4oz.
"Starting with the tip. A faster action allows for a smaller diameter tip building to more power in the area above the joint, all skinned in premium 1k woven carbon fibre.
The butt is a fraction more powerful than the benchmark Torrix 3 ¼, without any increase in diameter, in fact it is a fraction of a mm slimmer at the handle. Again covered in 1k carbon fabric, though it is what is on the inside that you cannot see which gives our rods their unique performance.
Load this rod up with 3 ½ oz and the lead will fly with accuracy. That little extra power makes it feel particularly comfortable when you have to push hard into a wind. We called it Aviator because of the way the leads fly.
Finished with superior Kigan 3D ring sets (50mm – 16T) and Fuji reels seat. This is a rod for maximising your distance without going to a dedicated distance rod. A rod that captures the best of the 3 ¼ Torrix and adds just a little pinch more power."
12’ 3lb 2oz Aviator Flex for 3 to 3 ½ oz
"This rod starts at the Torrix 12 3 ¼ but heads the opposite way to the Aviator Plus. The tip design is very similar to the Plus, fast taper with woven fabric to the tip, but it ends there. The butt is something very different. A slower taper mandrel nearer to the Acurix medium range rods is used, but unlike the Acurix this then has a power zone added to the bottom of the handle. This hybrid construction makes for a rod that will load up easily and really zing a lead out with very little effort, and is just a little more forgiving in action with a fish. This rod bridges the gap between the most powerful 12 3lb Acurix and our best selling Torrix 3 ¼, closer to the Torrix in effective power, but closer to the Acurix on diameter – less than 14mm above the handle!"

Aviator 12'6"
Perfect big distance fishing rod in 12'6" ( 4oz )

Aviator 13
Perfect big distance fishing rod in 13' ( 4oz )

Aviator 13 TE
Well what can I say. This rod can out perform all in the big distance stakes.
Only for the real skilled casters out there. ( 5oz )

Harrison Cerbera
Finish option for the blank is Ultra Mat only.

The Cerbera looks, feels and performs like the very best Carp rods on the market, but with a lower cost. 

Cerberus was a many headed beast that guarded the underworld by seeing in several directions. Cerbera, is designed to look in two directions, to handle fish close in, and be a versatile casting rod in the 100 to 130yd range. The action is fractionally less fast than Torrix, and a little quicker than Chimera. It is born out of both of these, having carbon 1k carbon fabric finish like a Torrix but with the tip tapers of the Chimera. It is impossible to make a true all round rod, but this comes close.

Harrison Chimera
No longer available as of Feb 2016. The wonderfull Chimera has run its coarse, and I'm sure will be missed. Repairs will be available so no problems there for owners

Harrison Marker
I was dissatisfied with the so-called Marker rods that were available, so I got Harrison to make me one, to my specifications. It is simple called Marker. This rod is the ideal 12' Marker rod, as far as I am concerned.

This rod has good flex and ample power to put your marker float wherever you want it and with little effort. The tip has been stiffened and blended to maximise the vibration waves from the feature finding lead, up the braid, down the rod, and into your hand. That is what Marker rods should be all about, finding what's out there.

Harrison Spods
Harrison Spods have an easy cast action, loading quickly and without breaking your back.

Spodding is a hard task at the best of times and these spod rods make the job just that bit easier.
The 3.50TC spod rod is for small spods and spombs upto 130yds of heavier ones for close range.
The 4.50TC spod rod will hit standard sized spods and spombs 150yds, if you can.

Harrison Torrix
Harrisons fantastic Torrix Carp rods are capable of playing any carp that swims, and hitting leads a very long way when needed. Harrison's medium fast action Torrix is very easy to use and very capable. It is happy hitting leads at high speed, or power lobbing PVA bags to range. Torrix 12' and 12'6'' TE  ( Design input by Terry Edmonds) have been tweeked for distance casting.
These are great allrounders that's why they are so popular.

Harrison Trebuchet
When I first got my hands on these blanks, I was very happy to find that the Trebuchet was still a fishing rod; after all that's what were doing, fishing. The construction of the blanks is complex to say the least. I've never seen anything like it. What with the various taperings and combinations of materials, it is very sexy and very functional. The big-hitting, tackle tarts amounst us will love it.

Hi speed casting weight is 5oz

Harrison Trebuchet Light

Same as the big brother but with more flex in the butt to aid compression for us mere mortals
Hi speed casting weight 4 to 4.5oz

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Knowl Hill, Berkshire
Tel: 0790 525 6747

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