Crucian Floats ( singles in Honey )

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Crucian Float with 1mm black fiberglass stem. Small or large

These Pole Style Crucian Floats are made to be fished with. I use mine with running line fished close in, classic.

The balsa body are stained Honey. Bright yellow shoulder and a red hollow sight tip. Finished with Mocha brown and black detail and signed then varnished to a full finish.
A labour of love.

Small is approximately 120mm long and takes 0.5g as a maximum. I use 1xBB ( 0.4g ) and "dust" to get the tip where I want it.

Large is approximately 130mm long and takes 1g as a maximum. I use 2xBB ( 0.8g ) and "dust" to get the tip where I want it.
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