Dark Carbon Specialist 12' 1.75

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Dark Carbon Specialist
12' 1.75tc

This rod is in stock ready to go

Painted tip option will take a working week to do

The Dark Carbon 12' 1.75tc Specialist rod has a perfect
medium action that plays and casts effortlessly.
Designed to be used with 1oz - 4oz weights / feeders.
This rod is a true pleasure to use, as its action is super
refined so it is very easy to cast and play fish with first time out.

Ultra Matte carbon finish Harrison blank made to my
exact usage specifications with black whippings and
metallic Gunmetal tippings around the monogram area.

Full cork

Reel Seats options:
SG DPS 18 Black

SG Atlas Deep Draw SiC
( 20d 12d 10s 8s 6s 6s 6s 6t )

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