Float rods

Custom rod options below

Blank Colours
Clear gloss and Ultra Matt
Claret Red

The above are Harrions colour options.

Main whipping colour options
Black / Claret red / Dark Green / Chestnut brown
( note: the nylon thread goes darker and blends with the blank when the "varnish" is applied. )

Colour tipping options
around the writing area
NCP blue / Metallic Blue / NCP Red / Metallic red
Metallic gold / Metallic silver / NCP white / Metallic green
Metallic fusia / Metallic purple / Metallic copper / Metallic bronze / Metallic pewter



Done in white ink, all rod details are written on the underside and any personnel details such as your name, initials etc are written on top. 

Ring Options

Float Match Style ( Top )
Float Specialist Style ( Bottom )

The Float rods are built with either float match rings or float Specialist rings. The rings have a black frame. The Specialist float rings are larger and less of them and impart the action perfectly and give a real specialist look to the float rod. There are many ring pattern options, some are perfect for long range waggler fixed spool work, some are designed for centerpin wallis and nottingham casting styles, and others are generic patterns good enough for all styles. Complex I know, but when we have chatted about your fishing style I will be able to give you your options, easy.


Reel Seat Options

Alps TRI
Gloss black, Mat Gunsmoke, Bright

DPS, CC ( top )
DPS, BC ( bottom )

KDPS CC and BC colour hoods not shown. See DPS above
The 2" long front section on these reelseats is covered with either a cork or EVA flare

IPS CC and BC colour hoods not shown. See DPS above

Handle Options

( Cork outer diameter is approximately a slim 24mm )
( EVA outer diameter is approximately a slim 23mm )

Full Cork Flare ( DPS or ALPS type reelseat )

Full EVA Flare ( DPS or ALPS type reelseat )

Full Cork Flare ( KDPS type reelseat )

Full Combi ( KDPS type reelseat )

Full Combi ( IPS type reelseat )

Full Cork Flare ( Sliding bands )

Harrison Avon Specalist Float is an 11' 1.25TC 2 pc specialist float rod ideal for Perch, Chub, Tench etc.
The Harrison Gti 3 pc float rods gves you a wide choice of rods.
The Harrison Torrix 12' 2pc Specialist Floats rods are ideal to carry made up in the quiver.

I use the 12' Gti for trotting on the river for Grayling, Roach, and Chub ( biggest chub is 5lbs 2oz so far ), and on the stillwaters I like to target anything under 4 lbs. If I was going for bigger stuff, I would use the stepped up models.
The 14' models are in my opinion the best option for a 'long rod', as they have all the lightness needed in a float rod but long enough for holding out and deep glide stick work, and battling carp on the commercial type still waters.

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Eastleigh, Hampshire
Tel: 0790 525 6747

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