Free Spirit Hi-'S' Carp Rods

Free Spirit Hi-'S' rods
Utilising ultra high quality Japanese Low Resin 40t Carbon and with an attractive 1k weave these rods have been incredibly popular since their release despite Free Spirit never advertising them. Significantly reducing the resin content makes these blanks slimmer, lighter yet more powerful than those made out of conventional carbon aiding poor casters and capable casters alike.
The very Low Resin content radically reduces the softening process keeping the rods in test for much longer and combined with the 'Perdurable' blank finish they will look good and perform well for many years. Since the tips are very slim the action of these rods are semi-fast with stiffer mid and butt sections.
There is virtually no tip bounce following casting to minimize friction for longer distances. The material combined with the use of our Clone Seat also helps transmit more feel through the blank to aid leading about to find features.
Free Spirit set out (some would say foolishly) to produce a rod capable of casting in excess of 200 yards with a baited rig but that had the taper, look and feel of a normal carp rod. The result after considerable testing is the Hi-'S' 200.
When Mark Hutchinson joined the Free Spirit team he came with a reputation of destroying all the carp rods he used – even boasting he could break through the excesses of casting any rod you put in front of him. Even though he has tried repeatedly he has yet to break the 200's. Built from the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the other Hi-'S' blanks these rods have a crisp, smooth action with no 'snatch' and are still light and slim with a very fast recovery to eliminate tip bounce that cuts down distance.
With the benefit of a comparatively soft tip they are still capable of playing fish with a little care. In the right hands a very formidable specialist tool when the ultimate distance is essential.
Since the Hi-'S' 200 has been designed as an ultimate casting tool it can be difficult to load by less than the biggest of casters. Free Spirit recommend the 200's to those that can achieve extreme distances and where casting these is of paramount importance.
Free Spirit recognized the need to bridge the gap between the Hi-'S' 200's and the Hi-'S' 3 ½ lbers with a rod capable of close to 200 performance for the big caster but with easier compression so that the less capable caster would actually cast further. The Hi-'S'ive meets this criteria perfectly. The blank is still powerful in the butt to middle section but the tip has been softened to make loading easier and gives a softer tip with more cushioning effect for fish playing. Due to it's more lively tip this rod can be loaded with smaller leads down to 3oz but still take leads of 5oz and also makes it very suitable for long range PVA bag work, method feeders and mag-aligners.
Since its launch these have proved very popular and is the favourite rod of most of the Free Spirit consultants.
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