Free Spirit Hi-'S' Specialist

Free Spirit Hi S Specialist Rods

Utilising our ultra high modulus (40t) Low Resin Carbon the Hi-'S' Specialist range are incredibly slim and light for their given power.
Designed to cope with the demanding needs of the modern specialist angler these rods can be held all day if necessary.

The material used helps 'transmit' more feeling through the blank and the addition of our Clone seat, made of the same material as the rod, further aids this sensation. These rods are also finished with our 'Perdurable' blank technology. ( Hi polished smooth carbon, no varnish )

The Hi-'S' Specialists feature a small water rod ideally suited for chub and roach, whilst the 'Stepped-Up' Specialist will cope with everything from specimen tench, bream and big barbel.

The range:
The Hi-'S' Small Water 11’ 1.00lb ( more like 1.50tc )
The Hi-'S' Specialist 12' 1.75lb SU
The Hi-'S'​​​​​​​ Big Water 12' 2.25lb
The Hi-'S' Big Water 12' 2.75lb
The Hi-'S' Big Water 13' 2.75lb

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products