Harrison Acurix Carp Rods

Harrison Acurix
Not all carp fishing is at long range, and yet distance is the first thing we often talk about when comparing rods. Acurix is a new range of Carp rods that is aimed squarely at medium range fishing, but it is anything but middle of the road.
We set out to produce a well balanced ultra slim C-scrim rod that tests the latest technology but encapsulates an age old tradition of catching fish. Acurix is about fishing pleasure. It is about balanced tackle.
The first thing you will notice is the blank diameter. This rod is slim. For example the diameter at the butt is only 14mm at the widest point. We have achieved this in our own unique way without the simplistic approach of utilising ultra high modulus fibre which can create a dead feeling rod. No, this rod is crisp and alive.
The next thing you will notice is that the 1k carbon fabric you can see on the butt section is subtly different to that which we use on Torrix with a slightly finer weave. Inside the blank is a blend of high and intermediate modulus UD carbon, ultra light C-scrim and epoxy matrix. The aim is to produce a rod that builds on the success of the Torrix but in the lower test curves.
Words by Dr Steve Harrison
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products