Harrison Aviator Carp Rods

Harrison Aviator Plus and Aviator Flex
Words below by Terry Edmonds (Long Range Angler) 25th April 2014 on facebook.
"Spent the day at the field taken casting tuitions, which gave me the ideal chance to try the new Harrison Aviator. The rod itself is designed to be an easy to cast multi range rod aimed towards enjoying the fish playing experience. 
During the day I cast 3ounce and 4 ounce leads over 190 yards with it with the big casts the butt was really bending but still the recovery was very quick. Easy to cast is the word and it wont take to much to load the rod to get a decent distance, i think it will be awesome with level line casting (where shockleaders are not allowed) as the forgiving nature of the blank will absorb any shocks in the cast. 
Three people have used the rod today and all easily compressed the rod. Another aspect of this rod is i believe its the first Harrison rod taking the 1k weave to the tip, which i know some people will like.
Light, thin, fast recovering multi range rod, will be using it all weekend so will understand the rod much better."

Words below by Dr Steve Harrison  25th April 2014 on facebook.
Aviator Plus - Aviator Flex
Two new carp rods and blanks from Harrisons.
"How could we improve on Torrix? It is almost impossible, but we could give more choice. If the Torrix 12’ 3 ¼ is the “Go to” rod in our carp range, we decided to focus our attention on the customers who wanted something different. Maybe a just little more casting power, maybe just a little more playing action, maybe a slimmer blank or maybe carbon weave to the tip. We ended up with two rods – the Aviator range. On the journey we introduced a few subtle changes in the way we make our blanks, changes that have come from our work on thin ply construction using the best lightweight carbon prepreg . These two new rods extend the choice we offer in response to our customer feedback. For most of you, Torrix 12 3 1/4 will remain the rod of choice, but if you want either a little more power or a little more action, then one of the Aviators will appeal to you."
12’ 3lb 6oz Aviator Plus for 3 ½ to 4oz.
"Starting with the tip. A faster action allows for a smaller diameter tip building to more power in the area above the joint, all skinned in premium 1k woven carbon fibre.
The butt is a fraction more powerful than the benchmark Torrix 3 ¼, without any increase in diameter, in fact it is a fraction of a mm slimmer at the handle. Again covered in 1k carbon fabric, though it is what is on the inside that you cannot see which gives our rods their unique performance.
Load this rod up with 3 ½ oz and the lead will fly with accuracy. That little extra power makes it feel particularly comfortable when you have to push hard into a wind. We called it Aviator because of the way the leads fly.
Finished with superior Kigan 3D ring sets (50mm – 16T) and Fuji reels seat. This is a rod for maximising your distance without going to a dedicated distance rod. A rod that captures the best of the 3 ¼ Torrix and adds just a little pinch more power."
12’ 3lb 2oz Aviator Flex for 3 to 3 ½ oz
"This rod starts at the Torrix 12 3 ¼ but heads the opposite way to the Aviator Plus. The tip design is very similar to the Plus, fast taper with woven fabric to the tip, but it ends there. The butt is something very different. A slower taper mandrel nearer to the Acurix medium range rods is used, but unlike the Acurix this then has a power zone added to the bottom of the handle. This hybrid construction makes for a rod that will load up easily and really zing a lead out with very little effort, and is just a little more forgiving in action with a fish. This rod bridges the gap between the most powerful 12 3lb Acurix and our best selling Torrix 3 ¼, closer to the Torrix in effective power, but closer to the Acurix on diameter – less than 14mm above the handle!"

Aviator 12'6"
Perfect big distance fishing rod in 12'6" ( 4oz )

Aviator 13
Perfect big distance fishing rod in 13' ( 4oz )

Aviator 13 TE
Well what can I say. This rod can out perform all in the big distance stakes.
Only for the real skilled casters out there. ( 5oz )

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