Harrison Dark Carbon 12' Find Feed Specialist

Harrison Dark Carbon 12' Find Feed Specialist
Reel Seat option
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Harrison Dark Carbon

12' FFS
Find/Feed Specialist )

In stock ready to go.

Handle - Full JSR ( Shrink Rubber )
ReelSeat - DPS black ( pictured on the left ) or DNPS black ( pictured on the right )
Rings - SG Atlas Deep Draw SiC 30mm pattern

The Harrison Dark Carbon 12' FFS is the utility rod in the Dark Carbon Specialist range.
This rod is designed to FIND and FEED.

In the carp world this rod would be called and Spod / Marker rod.

The action and resistance to bending ( test curve ) has been flawlessly designed to cast out Deeper sonars, feature finding lead and floats, so you can FIND a good spot to fish on, then FEED them via bait up feeders, and small to medium sized spods and spombs out to 80+yds with ease.

I am rarely on the river bank, or lake without mine. as I find this rod an invaluable tool to FIND and FEED.

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