Harrison Torrix 10' Catfish Rod

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Harrison Torrix 10' Catfish Rod
10' 4.50TC 
Please note the pictures show the gloss black coloured blank ( not available anymore ) and not the ultra matte finish. Rings can be Fuji Alconite in a grey colour, or Atlas DD SiC in matte black

Order only. Build times are about 4 months

You need a proper rod if you're going to target the big Wels Catfish in the UK
The 4.50tc rod has all the power to do battle with the biggest of UK Catfish, just don't get pulled in.

Ultra Matte colour blank / Black whippings with a pewter tip highlight / Full shrink handle with black Wye fighting butt / DNPS black reelseat / Fuji Alconite 30mm advanced pattern ring set.

Working closely with Dr Steve Harrison we developed the Dark Carbon Range of blanks. I wanted my own range of very high quality rods that I build to my design and keep in stock ready to go. This is great  for anyone who wants and very high quality rod made with all the love and attention normally associated with a custom build but doesn't want to wait weeks for delivery.
A Dark Carbon rods is less expensive than an equivalent spec custom made model, not due to it being a lesser quality rod, because it isn't, but because dealing with a custom order and all the management of the component supply chain associated with that take a good deal of time. This cost isn't applicable to a Dark Carbon rod so this cost saving is passed straight on to you, fact. Another big cost saving factor is the removal of the fancy very expensive "checker board" weave pattern carbons and replacing it with a plain carbon of the same engineering properties. As the blanks are coated black the fancy weave would be covered up so there is no point in paying for it. Another big saving.
So, no fancy weave and vastly reduced admin time results in the Dark Carbon rods being just as high quality as one of my customs but with a considerable cost reduction.

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