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In-Line Trotters

In Stock. Ready to Go

These IN-LINE Trotters are made to be fished with.
Run the line through the hollow carbon stem and fixed between 2 float stops.

.Hollow carbon stem.
.Honey stained balsa body.
.Light chocolate details and a ultra clear Hi Viz fluro orange sight tip.

Approximately 5½ inches long and takes 4g minimum as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Perfect for small baits and a light approach. 

Approximately 6½ inches long and takes 6g as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Great if you want to use a bigger baits and where greater control is needed.

Approximately 7½ inches long and takes 8g as a bulk loading and dropper shots.
Great where maximum control is needed.

In-Line Trotters ( in stock ready to go )