Mark Tunley MK1 - 13½ ft Specialist Float

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Mark Tunley MK1 - 13½' - Specialist Float

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Retractable handle section, so packs down to 6ft

A Specialist rod for float fishing. I use mine with a minimum of 8lb line. You have the "power" now.

High Modules Japanese 40t Toray carbon.
Very light for the "power".

Very high quality cork handle with inlay.
420mm rear cork ( 16 1/4" )
40mm front cork ( 1 1/2" )
585mm total handle length ( 23" )

Black DPS reelseat.
Bombproof tried and tested design that just works perfectly. 

SG Atlas SiC Specialist Float rings and Keeper hook
Very high quality. Light and strong, with a pattern that loads, casts, and plays perfectly. 

Warranty information.

Mark Tunley MK1 - 13'6" -  Specialist Float rod come with a 1 year “normal use” warranty.

Warranty is to the Original Owner Only.

Note: Breakages due to a defective components will usually occur in the first use of the rod and are highly unlikely to occur after this first usage. I will endeavour to sort the repair / replacement in a timely fashion.

The Warranty is conditional upon the product being used for the purpose for which it was expressly intended and does not apply to fair wear and tear, misuse or being the subject of unnatural conditions or circumstances.

Should there be any accepted defects, I reserve the right to effect a repair or replace parts at my discretion in order to make the rod fit for use again.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to return the product if applicable at their expense.

With any return please ensure that you enclose full details of your name, address, phone number, other contact details etc.

There will be a "handling fee" of £25.00 to cover the administration of the warranty if and when used.

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