Mini Zoomer Loaded Waggler ( Honey )

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Mini Zoomer Loaded Waggler 

Perfect for "up in the water" fishing style.

Approximately 6 3/4" long​​​​​​, as apposed to the 8"+ normal Zoomer length for deep water bream fishing.
Part loaded with a 1.5g internal weight and 2x BB to fix in position.

I use this Mini Zoomer float for fishing up in the water, on the drop style when action is fast a furious. I attach it to the mainline with 2 BB's, one each side at my desired drop length. The addition of hook and bait is all that is needed to get catching.
I target Rubb and Roach on the still waters ( and Carp depending on the venue ) and Dace on the Mill pools and slacker parts of Weir pools. Very affective method. Just spray maggots, flick the Mini Zoomer out, and watch it slide away.

I attached bottom end only on still waters and slow moving running, but can be attached top end as well on running in true Zoomer style.

This Walnut coloured cane stem and Honey coloured balsa Mini Zoomer is finished with a bright Yellow and fluro orange sight tip and are made to be fished with. 
Mocha brown and black line bands decorate this signed and fully varnished Mini Zoomer.
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