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Please note I only take orders inside the UK

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Ordering is done for the most part online, but I can take orders over the phone.
Text when you are ready to order and I will call you and talk you through the ordering process whilst you are online if this helps. Orders done without speaking to me first will be clarified over the phone if needed after ordering just in-case there are any input mistakes, simple.
Full payment with the order. For more details see the terms and conditions.

Rods in stock are usually dispatched the next day by Couriers delivery service.

Build times for rods that are not in stock.
Rod build times are about 4 months currently, but can be longer if parts aren't readily available. Please cancel your order within 2 days of placing it if this open time frame isn't acceptable.

Updates on the progress of your rod build.

I will update you on the first Monday after 4 months from order date, or when the rod is ready, whichever comes first.
( Monday is my admin day )

I don't offer an update service before 4 months has passed. I apologise if this sound strange but there is a very good reason for this explained below.

As I'm currently running at about 4 months lead time it is very unlike that your order will be built before this time, so asking for an update on the progress of your rod build can only result in one reply, "not ready yet". Requests for updates on rod orders are surprisingly time consuming to deal with and result in me stopping building rods to answer update requests. With 100s of orders in the system at anyone time, you can see that, for example, a weekly request will result in productivity grinding to a halt, and an obvious big increase in lead times which none of us want. Again I apologise that this sounds strange but building rods is the priority.

This page is updated when my lead times alter.

Orders can be dispatched when they are completed and ready to go using Couriers delivery service.

Delivery Costs. £25.00 by courier, not insured. ( see terms and conditions )
Pick Up is available by arrangement.


Mark Tunley
Eastleigh, Hampshire
Tel: 0790 525 6747

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