Quality Control ( QC )

I have very high levels of quality control and build to fine tolerances.
Set of rod, such are carp rods, are built as a very very close match, but not identical. You can't have identical rods as they are hand made and not injection moulded and a natural manufacturing tolerance is applicable. This is a judgement call by me and I'm quite exacting, so when I pass them through QC then the tolerences are more than acceptable.

Materials such are cork and duplon etc, will have natural and manufacturing variations and I will pass them through QC before fitting.

Carbon materials ( blanks ) have manufacturing variation and can have variation in pattern. I refer to these as carbon freckles. These are either naturally in the prepreg or show as the carbon layers join. The blanks pass the manufactures QC before they are sent to me and then I put them through QC before being built on. In the unlikely event that the blanks freckles don't pass QC at my end they are rejected. Only when the blank passed my QC will it be used.
Ultra Matt finish show up more freckles than a varnish finish, this is why rods were painted or varnished to lesson the look of normal carbon variation ( freckles )

The writing on the rods is hand written and is done in a stylised script and will have natural variation as it is hand written.

I only send out rods once they have passed QC, but in the very unlikely event that something was missed that I agree is below my QC pass level then I will rectify at my cost.