Specialist rods

Custom rod options below

Blank Colours
Clear gloss and Ultra Matt
Claret Red

The above are Harrions colour options. Free Spirit rods are all Ultra Matt.

Main whipping colour options

Black / Claret red / Dark green / Chestnut brown
( note: the nylon thread goes darker and blends with the blank when the "varnish" is applied )

Tip whipping colour options
NCP blue / Metallic Blue / NCP Red / Metallic red
Metallic gold / Metallic silver / NCP white / Metallic green
Metallic fusia / Metallic purple / Metallic copper / Metallic bronze / Metallic pewter

Example of the main whipping  here in black and the tip whipping is metaillic blue

Isotope fitting

You supply your desired colour of isotope and I will fit.
The 25mm long ones are ideal.


Done in white ink, all rod details are written on the underside and any personnel details such as your name, initials etc are written on top. 

Ring Options

Pattern 8+ tip: 20d 16s // 12s 10s 8s 7s 6s 6s 6t
Pattern 8+ tip: 25d 20s // 16s 12s 10s 8s 8s 8s 8t
Pattern 7+ tip: 25d // 20d 16s 12s 10s 8s 8s 8t ( big distance / power rods )


Matte Black SiC
High quality lightweight SiC Deep Draw ( cupped frame around the ceramic ) rings that are strong, reliable and look great
Double leg butt ring and single leg intermediates.

Kigan 3d lightweight SiC
High quality lightweight SiC rings that are strong, reliable and look great.

Double leg butt ring and single leg intermediates

Minima4 ( top )
Minima3 ( bottom )

American super lightweight quality rings that are strong and don't have a ceramic that can break, just a super hard coated metal insert. Titanium on the Minima4 and Chrome on the Minima3. Nice.

Popular with the American tournament casting scene due to their light weight, and not having a breakable ceramic being a big advantage.
Double leg butt ring and single leg intermediates


Fuji k-series Torzite Titanium silver ( top ) 
Fuji k-series SiC gunsmoke ( middle )
Fuji k-series Alconite black ( bottom )
Fuji k-series Alconite Silver ( Not shown )

The highest quality rings available. Simple.
Double leg butt ring and single leg intermediates

Reel Seat Options

Alps TRI.
Gloss black, Gunmetal, Light titanium

Alps Centra Lock.
Gloss black, Mat black, Gunmetal, Light titanium
Only available on rods of 2.50TC or more

Alps Centra Lock Window.
Gloss black, Rubberised, Mat black, Gunmetal, Light titanium
Only available on rods of 2.50TC or more

Alps ARD.
Gloss black, Mat black, Gunmetal, Light titanium
Only available on rods of 2.50TC or more

DPS carbon 1k, Black hoods

DPS Carbon 1k silver hoods

DPS Carbon 3k silver hoods

DPS, silver hoods
( top )
DPS, black hoods ( middle )
DPS, gunsmoke hoods ( bottom )

KDPS, silver hoods ( top )
KDPS, black hoods ( middle )
KDPS, gunsmoke hoods ( bottom )
The 2" long front section on these reelseats is covered with either a cork or EVA flare

IPS, silver hoods ( top )
IPS, black hoods ( middle )
IPS, gunsmoke hoods ( bottom )

Handle Options

( Cork outer diameter is approximately a slim 24mm )
( EVA outer diameter is approximately a slim 23mm )

Full Cork Flare ( DPS or ALPS type reelseat )

Full EVA Flare ( DPS or ALPS type reelseat )

Full Cork Flare ( KDPS type reelseat )

Full Combi ( KDPS type reelseat )

Full Combi ( IPS type reelseat )

Full Cork Flare ( Sliding bands )

Free Spirit Hi-'S' Specialist Rods
Utilising Free Spirits ultra high modulus (40t) Low Resin Carbon the Hi-'S' Specialist range are incredibly slim and light for their given power. Designed to cope with the demanding needs of the modern specialist angler these rods can be held all day if necessary. The material used helps 'transmit' more feeling through the blank and the addition of the Free Spirit Clone seat, made of the same material as the rod, further aids this sensation. These rods are also finished with Free Spirits 'Perdurable' blank technology.

The Hi-'S' Specialists feature a small water rod ideally suited for chub and roach, whilst the 'Stepped-Up' Specialist will cope with everything from specimen tench, bream and big barbel.

Free Spirit 'S' Specialist Rods
Using Free Spirits ultra high modulus 36t Low Resin Carbon insures these blanks are among the slimmest, lightest and most responsive around. The 'S' Range covers all specialist applications on lakes and rivers and combines the very best of modern materials and technology with the traditional cork build. The blank material being of very Low Resin content helps transmit much more feel through the blank and when combined with the Clone reel seat made from the same material giving better bite detection.

The 'S' Specialist has been developed with tench, bream and chub in mind, whilst the Barbel 'S' is primarily designed as a multi task barbel rod and comes in 11' and 12' models. The Big River Barbel being more 'tippy' will cope with river in spate and big barbel, but also makes an excellent long-range tench and bream rod, especially for chucking big method feeders and PVA bags. Quiver top sections are available separately for the Barbel 'S' s and Big River Barbel rods, prices on request.

Harrison Specialist Rods

Chimera No1 12' 1.50 TC
Fantastic...I love this rod. Ideal for Barbel and Chub fishing on the small rivers and close range still water work with lead, feeder, or float, targeting from Crusians right up to the biggest of Tench and Bream. All the power you need but with the lighness of action to have a great battle.

Chimera No2 12' 1.75 TC
This rods is great for still waters and rivers alike, and perfect for long range big feeder work.
This is a great option for a custom Barbel rod build.

 Torrix11' 1.50 TC ( Words by Rover Products )
This rod is great for Chub and light Barbel fishing. Although very delicate in the tip this rod has bags of power and would make a very versatile companion being equally at home throwing feeders for Bream and Tench. This rod is incredibly versatile, thanks to the Torrix Blank featherweight. Hold this rod all day, touch ledger, fish floaters for Carp, minnow for Perch or a lump of paste for a winter Chub.

Torrix 11' 1.75 TC
The perfect rod for rolling meat for Barbel. I know the test curve appears high, but due to the fast action this rod has a fantastic, light, super crisp feel that detects a bite instantly and gives you the power to get stuck in. I was amazed when I first got my hands on this rod and I call it an X Factor rod. It just feels perfect. I can hold this rod all day long, with no trouble and really enjoy the battle, never under or over gunned.

Torrix 11' 2.00 TC ( Words by Rover Products )
Ideal rod for seeking out big Barbel in snags and powerful rivers. Stop fish in their tracks and watch them roll over like a crocodile! This rod can handle anything and yet Harrisons have somehow made it light as a feather and sensitive. Carp anglers would also find a use for light line carping and Salmon anglers would find this rod versatile enough for shrimping.

Torrix 12' 1.25 TC
This rod has a fast tip and a powerful butt section. Infact it has more low down power than the 12' 1.50 TC model. This rod is perfect for many styles of fishing targeting various species. Chubbing with this rod is great and due to its low down grunt will deal with Mr Barbel with ease. 
On the still waters everything from Crusians and Bream right up to high single figure Carp are all fair game for this rod. This rod is light enough to hold all day and if you can only have one rod for light specialist angling then this is well worth consideration.

Torrix 12' 1.50 TC
Ideal as a dedicated Barbel rod for small rivers such as the Kennet, Lodden, Hampshire Avon, Teme, etc. Build on the same mandrels as it 1.75 TC big brother but using a more flexible carbon in the butt section. This give a very nice battle curve and perfect for Barbel on the small rivers.

Torrix 12' 1.75 TC and 2.00 TC
These rods are great for still waters and perfect for long range big feeder work for Bream and Tench. On the rivers I personally feel that these are a bit to heavy for small rivers and a bit light for the big ones. Jack of all trades, but master of none. If you can only buy one rod to do all things well enough on big and smalll rivers alike then these are ideal.
See the Flood / Big River rod for the ideal model to deal with the "Big Stuff".

Torrix 12' 2.50 TC and 2.75 TC Flood / Big River
These fantastic fast-actioned rods are great tools for the big work.
These rods are for lobbing big feeders, method balls, for use on big rivers like the Thames, Severn and Trent.
If you need to lob out up to 6oz, then the 2.50TC is the rods for you.
If you need to lob out up to 8oz, then the 2.75TC is the rods for you.

Despite the hugh lobbing capabilities of the Flood / Big River rods, they still retains a good playing action and great bite detection.

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Tel: 0790 525 6747

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