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Building on traditional manufacturing techniques, Wolf brings ground-breaking design and technology to the specialist angler.

These rods are the result of a collaboration with Me, Mark Tunley. They combine high specification fittings with classy, understated looks. The refined action gives the perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability.

Wolf’s quality, design and attention to detail mean this product will exceed anglers’ expectations.

About Wolf

Whilst Fox is a name synonymous with specialist angling, Wolf is a very different beast. Wolf is the brainchild of Richard Fox, the next generation of the famous tackle manufacturing dynasty. Richard has persuaded his father Clifford (who founded, built and latterly sold the behemoth that is Fox International) to join this venture. Between them they offer decades of experience in the development of products that have changed the face of specialist angling.  Wolf was born from a desire to return to the Fox family’s tradition of creating innovative, beautifully designed and iconic products.   The first of these is a range of carp rods that combine high quality specifications and understated looks with unparalleled casting and playing ability.



Mark Tunley
Eastleigh, Hampshire
Tel: 0790 525 6747

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